1989.5/31生まれ。日本大学大学院芸術学研究科映像芸術専攻中退。日本大学芸術学部写真学科在学中、2009年からフリーランスとしてカメラマンのキャリアをスタート。ジャンルに捕らわれず多くの撮影現場を経験、並行して作家活動にも取り組む。撮影された場所のにおい、ストーリーに加えファインダーを通した感情を写し出す独特の写真表現で高い評価を得ている。これまで国内で多くの個展・グループ展に参加し、2012年にニューヨークはブルックリン、ダンボ地区にて個展を開催。現在はその経験や知識を活かしカメラマンのみならず、湘南地区で唯一無二の写真専門ギャラリー・Gallery AAAにてディレクターとしても活動している。


Born May 31st, 1989. Since 2009 URRY has been freelancing as a photographer starting her career. Never caught in a single genre, URRY has experienced numerous ground work and has been very active in her own artwork. Her photography consists of hands on experience with touches of the five senses that seem to be visual in her work. She has been receiving massive reviews and high standards for her photography. In 2012, URRY participated in a solo exhibition in Dumbo, Brooklyn of NYC. Now she is also directing a gallery in Shonan called Gallery AAA.


Instagram : @urry_photographs
Gallery AAA :

Selected Exhibition

2008 Aug. "1/8=1/2" Yotsuya, Tokyo
2009 Aug. "スクリーン (Screen)" Yotsuya, Tokyo
2010 Jan. "東京銀塩倶楽部第一期生修了展示(Tokyo Ginen Club)" Ikebukuro, Tokyo
2010 Mar. "東京銀塩倶楽部第一期生~第三期生修了合同展示(Tokyo Ginen Club)" Ikebukuro, Tokyo
2010 Sep. "The First Day" Daikanyama, Tokyo (solo exhibition)
2011 May "LIVE&LET LIVE,WHEREVER I AM" Daikanyama, Tokyo (solo exhibition)
2011 Dec. "Tokyo Photo Society Opening Exhibition" Yokohama, Kanagawa
2011 Dec. "4th 100artists Exhibition 'LOVE'" NYC, NY.
2013 Apr. "IN MY TONE" NYC, NY. (solo exhibition)
2014 Oct. “PHOTOGRAPHS EXHIBITION vol.1” Daikanyama,Tokyo
2015 Jul. “NEW ART” Daikanyama, Tokyo
2015 Aug. “PHOTO JAM SHIBUYA” Shibuya, Tokyo
2015 Sep. “New Acoustic Camp” Minakami, Gunma